Our events are at the heart of the organisation. They allow members of the entrepreneur community to come together in an informal but meaningful way.

We are delighted that we have so many established entrepreneurs supporting us and have some great events lined up. In most cases our events are invitation only and are free to attend although we also open these up to interested parties who are relevant to that particular audience. Most of our events are held under the Chatham House Rule.

We host a range of events to support dynamic entrepreneurs to create new value for their businesses, connect with their peers and build key relationships, meet with and access the intellectual capital of leading entrepreneurs and access expert advice and critical resources that accelerate their growth. Within this collaborative, supporting environment ideas become results – sales and investments are originated and new businesses and alliances are created.

We currently encourage the members of various organizations to participate in our events and welcome investors, entrepreneurs and value adding professionals. Our most popular events are our “In conversation with …” events where leading entrepreneurs are interviewed live and then engage and network with our invited guests. We are very fortunate to have been able to learn from a diverse range of entrepreneurs and business leaders who have inspired and enthralled us such as:

  • Alex Caccia – CEO of Marmalade
  • Daniel Doulton – Co-founder of SpinVox
  • Dr Andy Phillips – Founder of Revoo & Active Hotels (which became and was sold to Priceline for $161M)
  • Edward Wray – Co-founder of Betfair
  • Richard Reed – Co-f of Innocent
  • Zef Eisenberg – Founder of Maximuscle
  • Brett Acker – Founder of Street Car and co-founder of Lovespace
  • Lawson Muncaster – Entrepreneurial Founder and MD of City AM
  • Stephen Murphy – CEO of Virgin Group
  • Lord Stanley Fink – angel investor, philanthropist and Conservative Party Treasurer
  • Tim Bleakley – CEO of Ocean Outdoor

Our events are attended by:


  • Successful entrepreneurs who want to share insights with fellow entrepreneurs and are willing to exchange knowledge and experience of entrepreneurial leadership.
  • They are looking to develop new and meaningful relationships with like minded entrepreneurs.
  • They are looking for collaborative partners within an industry sector.
  • They are looking to find partners to help transform a new business concept into reality.

Through Entrepreneurs Universe, you will meet many talented entrepreneurs with complementary skills-sets who will both stimulate your creative juices and collaborate with you to turn these concepts into successful products, services or businesses.


  • The founders/owners of a mid-sized company, ambitious to grow their enterprise.
  • Who know that their business has the potential to be much more than it currently is and are ambitious to make a “step change” in the scale and scope of the business.
  • Who continue to come up with exciting new business ideas which they have neither the time nor resources to implement and manage and so would appreciate collaborating with other entrepreneurs and investors to turn these ideas into reality.


  • Serial investors in growing businesses who value the opportunity to get to know owners/directors of businesses and to develop relationships with them before considering their financing needs or their business plans.
  • Successful entrepreneurs who having sold their businesses are now seeking new business relationships with and/or an opportunity to act as a mentor to other entrepreneurs – with whom they may also consider investment opportunities.
  • Who have successfully travelled the entrepreneurial journey several times and are keen to share what you now know with others who may have less experience and success.

Business Partners:

  • A director, partner or senior executive in a professional firm or large corporation who recognises the issues faced by entrepreneurs and wants to support them to optimise their businesses.
  • Who recognises the added-value that they can bring to their clients by introducing them to Entrepreneurs Universe activities and contacts.
  • Who supports the objectives of Entrepreneurs Universe and is keen to actively connect with other Entrepreneurs Universe participants by supporting and promoting our activities and events.

We have created Mind Maps from many of our events.